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Is she the one?

My fiancée has written a few blog stories already. I guess it's my turn now. So listen up, guys. This is my side of the story... I'm quite a cautious type of guy when it comes to relationships. I don't jump into a relationship just randomly. Most persons who know me...

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“Are you sure he or she is the one?”

“That’s too fast”, “How come?”, “Are you sure?”. A lot of people questioning about out relationship☺️. So if you guys ask, what are the things that make us sure about us and this relationship.    These are two things about what we feel: • First, we feel that “We just...

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Dear God (Prayer for The Lady in Waiting)

I’ve shared this with several of my girl friends, and let me share it with you guys here. So, I always keep a journal of my daily life, and during 2018 from the very beginning of the year, every time people asked me “when are you gonna get married?”, I've always...

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Step By Step Miraculously

God has promised to take you step by step by step, not all at once, but step by step, and each step will be a miracle! #godistoogood At the end of October we started to know each other 25th December: as on my prayer list “I’ve asked God, that i want to meet “the one”...

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Welcome to our blog

On this blog we will try to keep you updated on our exciting journey to getting married. Follow us along and be a part of our journey... Love, Michael & Marhensia  

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