A love story only God could make happen ammazinglove@gmail.com
I’ve shared this with several of my girl friends, and let me share it with you guys here. So, I always keep a journal of my daily life, and during 2018 from the very beginning of the year, every time people asked me “when are you gonna get married?”, I’ve always answered with: “in 2018 I will be with someone and then gonna get married soon — leap of faith”?

And thank God, I’ve started 2018 with this prayer, moreover God lead me to list every prayer by prayer. It started with “the things that I was looking for in my future husband”, and I always didn’t mind that people said that I was to picky. So below are the 11 points God lead me to, that I was to be picky for and I gave it the title “Read it everyday as prayer” in my journal.

Read it every day as prayer!

  1.  God I’m asking for someone that feels your presence and love in his life. Experience by himself and always living his life with your love and your words.
  2. God I’m asking for a guy at least with height minimal of my brothers height, good looking with un-failed style, and handsome more than my dad?. Im honest with you God, I can not deal with Physical appearance thing. I’ve tried more than one guy, but always failed dealing with my feeling.
  3. God I’m asking you the one who can lead me, be my leader ahead, we can grow together, devotion together, always have family altar together at our home.
  4. God I’m asking a guy who always eager to learn, we always learn together.
  5. God I’m also asking the guy who serve You as whatever, and serving you become his thankfulness for all your blessings upon him.
  6. God I’m asking the one who is diligent and hard-working enough, not too much ?.
  7. God I’m asking the guy with sweet and warm family, if possible both mom and dad still alive and can play sweetly with grandchildren.
  8. God I’m asking a family man guy, loving his family and my family later, can blend with dad, mom, siblings, big family, and my gangs (friends). I also easily blend with his.
  9. He is also want me as his helper
  10. I’m also asking the one with at least same financially, so my dad and mom feel secure to hand over their daughter ?
  11. God I’m asking the one with his own business, or professional thing, key : dad and mom secure to “hand over” their daughter.?

Whoever the person is I don’t know, but the thing I know is “God writes my love story”

Not my story, but God’s love story through me! God who is able and amazing. You are glorified with the story. It’s always YES!!!!

My Purpose and “dream” :
– Being a blessing for other women through every season that I’ve been through
– Being a mom who educate my children with fear of God, gentleness and love.
– Being a helper for my husband, to bless others
– Accompanying my husband being a blessing and great leader in a place that he is placed.

God I always believe my waiting and standing for you, will kneeling down others to worship you even more. Because of my faith, my obedience, and it’s only because of you. I will be with someone really great!!!!!!!!

– Lord I believe, this Christmas I’m gonna meet someone that You’ve prepared for me.
– Next year, will be my wedding year (as mom wish)

Lord, I’m thankful Ko hasim, Ci Cecil (my date leader-cell group) remind me:

In faith, asking for something we need, with

Persevere tenacity : the quality or fact of being able to grip something firmly; FIRMLY
Persistence : FIRM (strongly felt and unlikely to change). Never ever thought “God will you give it to me? God is it possible?” NO, STOP ASKING!!! GOD WILL MAKE IT COME TRUE

I believe God kept whispering it and I kept saying in my heart: “LEVEL UP YOUR FAITH, MARHENSIA! WITHOUT A DOUBT! GOD IS TOO GOOD! His promises never change! Never doubt it!”

Jesus is a too good God. He never plays with our lives or makes it as a joke, moreover for a life partner.

Keep asking :
– Be sure with what you are really looking for
– Keep praying for it
– Say what you want at what specific time
– Ask for a discerning spirit
– And BELIEVE (He will give it to you)

I will testify the Lord, not only in my wedding, but ahead! My journey with YOU in finding a man after God’s heart! And I will get it with abundance in His richness. My husband and I will be overflow, being your vessel! I won’t put You in a box with my thoughts, but we will speak and bless others from our story, our relationship, our family.


“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer” (Romans 12:12)

So that’s all about “my Dear God” story. I didn’t say that all the girls story should be like this, because i believe God is too creative to write every love story for us. But the things, put hope in only Him, faith and obedience is the key, and always remember every our story is to glorify His name alone.  Hope you all are blessed ♥♥♥

With Love, Marhensia